These are the two most important ideas, by which we were guided when creating Aura Nova. We wanted to create a place with special atmosphere. One that would inspire our guests to arrange meetings - both the serious and pleasant ones - just there.

The building structure itself communicates modernity, appeals to the minimalist style, gives the sense of professionalism and dynamism. However, the room decor, the nice environment and the pleasant mood make the guests feel at ease and the time pass imperceptibly. 

We have striven to fill every detail with a modern note of elegance, not losing at same time what in our opinion is the most important - the atmosphere of comfort.

This is an exceptional place in the Podkarpacie region. Snug, far away from the hubbub of the city, cosy and relaxing. Even the air tastes better here. Aura Nova is made open for events, celebrations, conferences, concerts etc. Please feel welcome to organize and attend them.

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